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Industries and Clients

Strategic partners with our clients.

The Jay Group acts as a transparent extension of some of America’s largest and most successful companies. Our customers rely on us for more than just contracted services and program execution.  They require solutions to their business problems.

Operating as strategic partners, we continually look for ways to anticipate our clients’ needs and proactively address their marketing and supply chain issues − in some cases before problems can develop. We continually monitor feedback, evaluate performance and look for ways to adjust processes to bring greater value to the program and increase customer confidence.

Food and beverage

Food and Beverage outsourcing experience

Consumer products

Consumer Products outsourcing experience

Financial services

Financial Services outsourcing experience


Building products

Building Products outsourcing experience

Catalog & Internet Sales

Catalog sales outsourcing experience

We strive to develop long-term relationships with our clients, and have succeeded in delivering fulfillment and integrated marketing outsourcing solutions to established brands for over 40 years. Our success across many industries stems from our internal processes. Regardless of the industry, we are managing a series of integrated components: data, communications, plans and timelines, finances and budgets.  And while the deliverables of a program may be packaging, literature fulfillment or call center management, the core processes remain the same.

Most programs that we develop for our clients are in large part custom implementations of our standard procedures. They have to be, because our customers’ brands and their needs are far from “off-the-shelf.” But once our core systems are in place, our experience and flexibility allow us to adapt to the specific requirements of the program at hand, and be responsive to the individual needs of each customer.