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Digital Merchandising

Digital merchandising and ad delivery transforms
one-to-one marketing into a two-way communication.

Digital merchandising solutions

Your customers have changed. And so has the way that you communicate with them. Gone are the days of putting out one message, believing that consumers will participate with your brand on your terms. Now companies must identify smaller, vertical groups of customers and are asked to communicate on their terms. The increase in marketing vehicles and content channels has shifted the power from the marketer to the consumer. And marketers have been slow to adapt.

Digital merchandising from The Jay Group returns control to the marketer by implementing real-time delivery of digital advertising through internet-enabled touch screens. The result is a customized marketing message at the point of purchase that allows consumers to interact with the marketing on a one-to-one level.

Customer interaction — for real.

Our network of digital content screens means that messages offered to consumers can be highly engaging with full-motion video and digital sound. Messages can be uniform across all outlets or localized at the store-level; ads can even be changed in real-time based on viewing data sent back from the installation. Multiple messages can be rotated, with the better-performing messages becoming persistent in the rotation. All of this results in more effective advertising through better targeting and customization.

But the real power of our digital merchandising network lies in the ability to interact with a consumer. Because of the Internet-enabled touch screen technology, the consumers may direct the advertising as they wish. Users can view more information about a selected product or feature, investigate product availability and price or sign up for a contest or promotion. The collection of customer data in this fashion elevates the power of this medium and allows marketing to continue with the consumer at a later time.

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