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Integrated marketing solutions from The Jay Group.
Adding value to your supply chain.

Globalization and specialization have affected every aspect of the way companies do business today. Technology erases borders and brings new players and considerations into the supply chain. Now the promise of selling goods and services worldwide comes with the reality of global competition for the same market share. As a result, companies that fail to evolve their marketing and supply chain management strategies face dramatic consequences and possible collapse.

The Jay Group delivers integrated marketing solutions that help companies evolve from the hands-on management of individual operations to the administration of a cohesive marketing and supply chain process. The benefits of applying lean management principles are readily evident: greater control over all processes, increased efficiencies resulting in cost savings, simplified management and the addition of value.

More importantly, The Jay Group enhances these processes through our strategic approach to our client relationships. We look at every account as a partnership, and take the time to understand a client’s underlying needs and concerns before we develop management strategies. Part of every program is delivering confidence and a calming effect to every client, and to reassure them that they are in the right place.

By addressing more than just their business processes, The Jay Group has been able to create long-term relationships with some of America’s largest and most successful brands.

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