PCI-Compliant Security

At The Jay Group, all customer data, including credit card transaction information, are processed and stored on PCI-compliant secure systems in encrypted forms. Our secure Card Data Environment (CDE) provides the highest level of transactional security available today. It’s what allows us to deliver trust along with data storage and transaction processing and customer relationship management.

PCI Security Standards Council

E-commerce and payment gateway service outsourcing

IT Solutions

     The Jay Group provides cutting edge IT

     Solutions, allowing you to stay at the

     forefront of business technology.

Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Council compliance


In today’s business environment, you can’t afford to lag behind in technology. Staying current and up-to-date is just the right thing to do for you and your customers. We know you’re not looking for hype or smoke and mirrors. You need just the facts, clear and simple.  The Jay Group understands the challenges you face keeping your brand foremost in the mind of your consumers and knows how important of a role technology plays. We continually invest in technology to provide you with faster throughput, easier access to information, comprehensive reporting, and data integration services.


Integration Services

Systems and data integration are the key to any successful fulfillment program. Making sure all systems are communicating effectively is essential. We are integration specialists, providing our clients with a wide array of integration services and options, from basic FTP file transfers to full-blown EDI configurations. We can provide various formats and protocols, from CSV to XML and everything in between.  We offer standard interfaces to provide a rapid onboarding process with minimal time and costs. At the same time, we have the expertise and ability to custom tailor any integration package to suit your individual business needs.


Reporting & Data Analytics

Comprehensive reports give you the visibility and window into the day to day activity of your business. Reporting is available to all clients via our in-house developed, web-based, client portal.  This reporting portal provides information access to your data through a variety of pre-configured and custom reports, which can be downloaded in Excel or PDF format. A number of information inquiries are also available making access to your data easy and convenient.  Reports can be scheduled and automatically emailed so you have the data available to you at your fingertips.


Data Security

Security is paramount at The Jay Group.  We’re responsible for the security of your data and we know the importance of its safety to you and your customers. Not only is your data safe and secure, but it sits behind numerous layers of security, just to be sure. The Jay Group has invested in network infrastructure, protocols, procedures, and external auditing, providing for achievement of full PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance in July of 2009.  We’ve also received a level 1 SAS 70 certification. You can take comfort knowing your data is protected at The Jay Group.



The ability to purchase products online is essential in today’s economy. Whether your customers are the end consumers or members of your internal sales force, they need the ability to order merchandise quickly and efficiently. Utilizing our proprietary ecommerce platform, The Jay Group can provide you with cutting edge online storefronts and shopping carts to make online ordering for your customers a breeze.


Financial Services

You’ve gotten customers interested in your products, but how are they going to pay for it? The Jay Group can help you offer your customers various payment options including credit cards and checks. We also provide solutions for paying on account, invoicing, and setting credit limits. We’ll even lend a hand with vendor management and payment, allowing you to continue focusing on selling your products.