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In the world of corporate marketing and identity, promotional products play a pivotal role in keeping customers aware of brand. All promotions have two main components: the creative, attention grabbing incentive offer that is designed to drive behavior and an easy process for fulfilling that offer. Our industry leading clients are really good at the creative part and the Jay Group is really good at the promotions fulfillment part. Together, we can deliver additional top line revenue and bottom line profits.

The Jay Group has its roots in promotion fulfillment. In fact, that’s how our founder, Jay Chryst started this company, fulfilling promotion programs from the trunk of his car in 1965. Through the ensuing years, we’ve executed a wide variety of both business to consumer and business to business promotions, including consumer rebates, sweepstakes, customer loyalty programs, and sales incentives for many industry leaders.

Three main reasons our clients have chosen us time and again as their promotions fulfillment partner:

  1. Increase Efficiency – The specialization of core competencies strengthens your competitive advantage. Outsourcing allows you to focus on core objectives while we focus on the details it takes to deliver your commitments.
  2. Speed To Market – A good plan requires dedicated resources to launch. Engage our experienced team, integrated technology and distribution centers to implement your plan to market within days.
  3. Minimizing Risk – Outside influences will always play a part in your level of success as markets, competition, regulation, and technologies all change very quickly. Outsourcing providers assume and manage a portion of this risk for you and provide valuable insight on how to avoid potential pitfalls.

Value added services help you to customize, personalize, or differentiate your promotions from those of your competitors. Our clients have taken advantage of our:

  • Contract packaging capabilities to create specific consumer promotional offers or to differentiate their products by marketing channel.
  • Digital print capabilities to cost effectively personalize your promotional offers.
  • Procurement experience to select, source, and manage the distribution of promotional products and the marketing collateral used to communicate these offers.
  • Contact Center for customer service, with a dedicated network of over 300 domestic agent seats, our contact center handles a variety of customer service programs.

Well-conceived and well executed promotions can drive financial results and enhance your brand image. A promotion that looks great on paper, but is not executed flawlessly can have the opposite effect. Trusting your brand to someone else is a commitment; we have the experience to deliver on your brand promise.