Packaging and in-store merchandising outsourcing services

Packaging and In-Store Merchandising

Promotional packaging and in-store merchandising.
Delivering impact at the point of purchase.

Promotional Packaging

The Jay Group can handle your promotional packaging needs with shrink wrapping, banding, on-packs, labeling or club store/co-branded packaging and displays. More importantly, we make the contract packaging process a seamless part of your production process by coordinating receipt of your products directly from your production facility and then delivering the assembled product to a retail distribution center or your final destinations. Our sophisticated warehouse and freight management services will let you know where your product is at all times.

shrink wrapping | onpacks | labeling | club store packaging

Specialty Package Design and POP/POS Displays

When it comes to a successfully designed package or display, the design engineering is just as important as the visual impact. We’ll make sure that our custom-designed packaging makes your product stand out from the competition, and communicates its benefits to consumers. But long before our artists get involved, our package design engineers begin by looking for the best way to construct the package or display – balancing materials, dimensions and the ability to bulk-pack and ship the product. Often small design adjustments can save extensive assembly costs, reduce space requirements and reduce shipping costs. We are experts in managing the in-store requirements of even the strictest retailers, so your products are sure to receive approvals the first time they are submitted.

Point-of-purchase (POP) and specialty package design

Digital Merchandising

Digital merchandising from The Jay Group offers real-time delivery of digital advertising through internet-enabled touch screens. The result is customized marketing messages at the point of purchase that allow consumers to interact with the marketing on a one-to-one level. Our network of digital content screens means that messages offered to consumers can be highly engaging with full-motion video and digital sound. Advertising can be uniform across all outlets or localized at the store-level; ads can even be changed in real-time based on viewing data sent back from the installation. All of this results in more effective advertising through better targeting and customization.

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