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Innovation and process improvement

The goal for every program at The Jay Group is to maximize the marketing investment and reduce costs for our clients. To this end, every Account Manager leads a monthly interdisciplinary group called a Client Satisfaction Team (CST). Their emphasis on process improvements and innovation is continuous and critical to the long-lasting business relationships we develop with our clients. In addition to the day-to-day communication of process improvement strategies, our Account Managers plan and facilitate Quarterly Business Review Meetings to track and report on service level agreement achievements, summarize process improvement initiatives and plan for the future growth of all clients.

Third Party Logistics & Distribution

How can we add value to every step in your supply chain?

Logistic and transportation services from the Jay Group

At the Jay Group, finding the most appropriate answer to the above question for each of our clients is what drives us on a daily basis. The Jay Group is a multi-channel third party logistics company providing supply chain solutions for regional, national and international customers. We provide our clients with an analysis of their overall supply chain needs from demand planning and receiving; to picking, packing and distribution. We work closely with each client to develop customized supply chain solutions that meet their unique business needs.

Outsourcing Can Be the Best Solution for Common Logistics Challenges

These days, companies everywhere face the challenge of having to make the most of limited warehousing resources. The Jay Group appreciates the importance of supply chain warehousing in a company's business operations. Many growing businesses lack the capacity or resources to manage a warehouse operation adequately and turn to us for their logistics outsourcing needs. The Jay Group can identify existing weaknesses in a business' supply change and develop dynamic solutions to maximize the efficiency of the company and, in turn, help the business meet and exceed its goals.

Comprehensive Menu of 3PL Services That Few Companies Can Match

Third party logistics companies seldom offer the wide array of services available at The Jay Group. Our programs are truly comprehensive – as a logistics service provider, we understand the whole of a company is larger than the sum of its parts. The team at The Jay Group works to examine and improve all aspects of our clients' businesses in the context of the company's overarching vision and expectations.

Our third party logistics programs encompass all the services you expect from a respected transportation logistics company. The Jay Group maintains a strong network of partners in order to respond to clients' transportation and shipping requirements anywhere in the country. Our 3PL services include:

  • Planning and warehousing - We’ll help you develop a custom-tailored demand strategy based on a range of relevant factors including your product mix, order volume, present warehousing capacity and much more.
  • Fulfillment and distribution - We’ll work with you to create a highly efficient fulfillment and distribution process to ensure your customers receive accurate and timely orders.
  • Support after the sale - At the Jay Group, we understand that importance of customer service in the supply chain management process. We’ll ensure your customers have easy access to a full range of support services to ensure a seamless customer transaction.
  • Value added services - We offer an assortment of value-added services to optimize your supply chain process, including assistance with procurement and product sourcing, pricing, printing, packing, and much more.

We Eliminate the Transportation Logistics Management Hassles

Transportation logistics can be difficult to manage for even the most successful companies. The transportation logistics management process can also take you and your staff away from other business activities that require close attention. When you work with The Jay Group, we utilize our existing resources and extensive industry experience so you can focus on other important aspects of growing and developing the company. Outsourcing transportation logistics and distribution to us will give you one less thing to worry about and will likely result in savings because of our volume pricing.

Through our expertise in Supply Chain Management, we provide innovative solutions to our clients by creating supply chain strategies, maximizing customer satisfaction, reducing order turn times and decreasing distribution costs.

Two Facilities to Provide Superior Client Service

Our third party logistics (3PL) experience across a variety of industries allows The Jay Group to offer best-in-class transportation, warehousing and distribution services. With our two facilities in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and strategic partnerships on the west coast, we can provide localized, regional and national supply chain solutions for your logistics needs.

Our EDI and eCommerce order processing systems allow our customers to capitalize on a single inventory to support their retail, contract packaging (displays) direct to consumer, and e-commerce channels. We also provide reverse logistics services, as well as recall and refurbishment solutions to provide value for every step in your supply chain.

Put Nearly 50 Years of Experience to Work for Your Business

The Jay Group has been making going to market easier for our clients since 1965. Our unwavering belief in the combination of modern marketing and traditional values such as integrity and trust has sustained us for nearly 50 years. Contact us today to see how The Jay Group can simplify your supply chain!

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