Reverse Logistics

FACT: Customer returns subtract from your profits, but at The Jay Group we help minimize this impact with a robust reverse logistics practice. Industry analysts project these returns can cost retailers over 8% of their total sales, so every percentage point saved falls straight to the bottom line.
We’ve spent years providing reverse logistics services to clients in the consumer goods market and as a result our extensive suite of services can be customized to meet your specific business needs. Let us show you how you can reduce cost and reclaim profits with our demonstrated expertise in retail returns, reclamation and refurbishment and repackaging.
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It takes time, space, infrastructure, and problem-solving skills to handle returns. The complications begin with fraud prevention (yes it happens with returns, too) and don't end until you've integrated your Warehouse Management, Order Management, Customer Management, and Inventory Control systems together to produce a solution that can successfully process returns, process refunds, handle recalls, accurately track lot and date coded products, and give your contact center team visibility to manage customer inquiries. Not convinced yet? Consider that beyond the glitz of the technology layer there’s also back-breaking and often dirty work needed complete these tasks. The product that left the warehouse in pristine condition certainly doesn’t come back that way.

At The Jay Group we’ve developed a returns processing division that includes:

check Dedicated whitespace on our warehouse floor for managing volume

check Automation to make the easy stuff fast and the tough stuff possible

check Packaging and kitting to ready your refurbished goods for resale

check Forward logistics to complete the lifecycle and send goods to their final disposition

check Customer service to answer customers questions and concerns and protect your brand