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A Seamless End-To-End Packaging Experience

For many companies, contract packaging is a necessary step in the fulfillment process. At first glance, co-packing may seem relatively simple. However, there are a variety of materials and steps involved in the contract packaging process. That also means there’s plenty of room for error.

If you’re struggling to handle your co-packing or had a bad experience with another contract packager, Jay Group is here to help. Our team of experts can handle every step of the process, from initial inventory management to finished package warehousing. We’re an extension of your brand that works alongside you every step of the way.

Contract Packaging Made Easy

Contract packaging refers to the process of fitting a product into its finished packaging. Depending on the industry, this packaging can be simple or complex. Simple tasks include things like adding barcode stickers or inserting manuals. On the other hand, complex tasks cover packaging design, production, and fulfillment.

Why Outsource Your Co-Packing?

There are many reasons to outsource your bulk packaging to a company like Jay Group. For starters, contract packaging frequently involves specialized equipment that must be operated by specially-trained staff. Both of these elements can prove very expensive.

Jay Group employs a team of experts who know how to handle every level of the co-packing sequence. We also have outside partners in the industry, allowing us to cater to your every need in a timely fashion. You’re in control of the customized packaging process from start to finish.

What Do Our Contract Packaging Services Look Like?

Want a more granular view of our co-packing process? Here’s a breakdown of each step:

  1. Inventory management. We’ll warehouse all of your packaging components, including manuals and cardstock.
  2. Printing. We’ll print and insert manuals and cards into your packaging.
  3. Production. We’ll produce the packaging you need, including trays and clamshells.
  4. Assembly. We’ll assemble the finished package, seal it, and place necessary stickers.
  5. Warehousing. We’ll store your finished packages until it’s time to ship them.

Our Contract Packaging Lineup

  • Banding
  • Cardstock and manual production
  • Carton insertion
  • Clamshell and blister packaging
  • Co-branded packaging
  • Collation
  • Display design, assembly, and reconfiguration
  • Dump bins
  • Gift wrapping
  • Kitting
  • Labeling and over-labeling
  • Mailing
  • Multi-packs, club packs, and on-packs
  • Packaging and repackaging
  • Packing optimization
  • POP and POS displays
  • Retail cartoning
  • Sampling
  • Shrinkwrapping and overwrapping
  • SKU transformations
  • Transport trays

A Partner You Can Trust

We’re dedicated to providing the best quality control and customer service in the industry. Need a few more reasons to choose us? When you work with Jay Group, you always get the following:

  • A dedicated internal quality and compliance department
  • Consistent quality control inspection and reworking
  • Visual and manual inspections at 100% and 200%
  • Comprehensive reverse logistics services
  • Expert reconditioning, refurbishing, and parts harvesting

Why Work With Jay Group?

At Jay Group, we offer experienced specialty packaging services that help your business stay competitive. Your products will reach customers fully intact, clean, and looking great. We can support the fulfillment needs of any brand while delivering to multiple channels on a daily basis.

We also partner with leading packaging design manufacturers to boost efficiency and provide a well-designed display product. And we help you save money by automating shrink wrapping, banding, labeling, over-labeling, and carton insertion services.

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