Kitting & Assembly Services

Kitting helps businesses package their products based on the customer’s needs

Providing the ideal product for your client is good business. Combining your product with other related products that the client will enjoy makes for great business. That is where kitting, re-packaging and assembly come into play.

Our Kitting Process: Providing Tailored Valued Added Packaging

Kitting is the process of combining multiple SKUs into one package, then creating one new SKU to represent that package.

Kitting services can be used to create gift packs, seasonal promotion kits, sample kits, etc. Jay Group’s versatile value-added services team handles everything from binder collations to kitting to mass distributions. And every project is planned and managed with the highest level of quality for handling and packaging.


Our Kitting Capabilities:

Outsourced Kitting and Collation
Retail Cartoning
Packaging / Repackaging
Custom Protective Packaging
Packaging and Carton Insertion
Packaging Optimization
Shrink Wrapping / Overwrapping
Labeling / Over-labeling
Barcoding and Serialization

SKU Transformations
Cobranding Packaging and Promotions
Multi-Packs, Club Packs & On Packs
Gift Wrapping
Quality Control Inspection and Rework
Visual Inspection (100% and 200%)
Manual Inspections

Benefits of Kitting & Custom Repackaging Solutions

In addition to industry-leading fulfillment services, clients rely on Jay Group to provide cost-efficient contract packaging solutions like kitting and assembly to:

  • Increase the visibility and appeal of products and encourage future purchases
  • Reduce and optimize inventory by developing trial products, samples, or giveaways out of obsolete or damaged products for use at trade shows, to support marketing efforts, as unique customer sales samples, or to sell as “Trial Packs” in retail stores.
  • Development of a brand new product to bring to market.
  • Save time and money by optimizing efficiency and lowered project costs through the utilization of state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Meet retailers inbound shipping requirements based on demand.
  • Maximize your businesses marketing message and build brand loyalty


Kitting and Specialty Packaging Options

Labeling / Over-labeling Services

Provided for a variety of reasons from replacing an incorrect label to adjusting a label to meet customer specifications.

HAZMAT Packaging Certified

Jay Group has extensive experience safely storing, handling, packaging, and shipping HAZMAT products like lithium-ion batteries and aerosols like those found in cosmetics and hair care products.   Jay Group also partners with leading packaging design and component manufacturers to increase efficiencies and provide a well-designed display product.

Assembly Services

Since 1965, Jay Group has been providing display design, manufacturing, assembly, replenishment, repair, and reconfiguration services. According to exact specifications, each project is built to order. And because Jay Group is a full-service 3PL, clients are assured that their projects also receive the highest quality inventory management and reporting services.

Countertop Display Units
Dump Bins

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The Jay Group is proud to provide custom omnichannel distribution, ecommerce order fulfillment, subscription logistics, contract packaging, and reverse logistics solutions to support top brands.

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