Retail Cartoning

retail-cartoningIn addition to our kitting and collation capabilities, The Jay Group also has automated cartoning abilities and currently operates cartoning machines that are capable of forming cartons between 1″ X 4″ – 9.15″ X 12″ at speeds of up to 2,100 cartons/hour. Our horizontal cartoner also has a qualified vision system and can capture images and increase production control. The Jay Group and its partners can help you design, manufacture, print, and carton your product in consumer ready packaging.

Benefits of Partnering with the Jay Group

Fixed Pricing

We will provide you a fixed price per piece so that you can budget and control costs.

Automated Cartoner Services

The Jay Group’s fully automated cartoner produces up to 2100 cartons/hour. These speeds are much higher than is possible with a manual process saving you time and money and assuring uniform packaging for your product.

Qualified Vision System

During the packaging process, The Jay Group’s qualified vision system looks inside each and every package, ensuring that your product is inserted accurately and to your specifications for the highest level of production control.

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