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When it comes to eCommerce, your 3PL provider should be a hardworking partner that’s part of your team. After all, a customer’s experience with your brand isn’t complete until they have your product in their hands. Jay Group is dedicated to fulfilling your customers’ orders accurately and on-time so you can focus on running your business.

Our business model revolves around our relationships with our clients and their relationships with their customers. Our job isn’t complete until you and your customers are happy, and we use your satisfaction as a benchmark to measure our success.

Seamless eCommerce Integrations

seamless intergrations

Be Wherever Your Customers Shop

We know that technology plays a significant role in your success, so we align with eCommerce platforms, marketplaces, carriers and technology providers to streamline integrations and enhance product offerings.

Transparency For Your Customers

Improve your customers’ experiences by seamlessly integrating inventory and shipping data into your online stores—providing accurate, dependable, and real-time data.

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Sophisticated 3PL eCommerce Fulfillment Technology

advanced fulfillment technology

Our superior eCommerce fulfillment is supported by a suite of advanced 3PL technology. We use Manhattan Associates’ Warehouse Management System and Business Intelligence Software to offer our customers superior insight and service. Our 3PL fulfillment technology:

  • Supports all of our clients’ eCommerce operations.
  • Offers seamless eCommerce operations across platforms.
  • Provides accurate executions across inventory, labor, and space.
  • Automatically complies with federal and state regulations and standards.
  • Ensures superior fulfillment results with on-time shipping and inventory accuracy rates of 99.9%.

Business Intelligence

Our Business Intelligence interface offers customers improved planning and visibility. You’ll be able to visualize complex data in real-time for increased performance and risk reduction. From inventory levels to tracking and freight costs, you’ll have complete transparency into the fulfillment process.

Manhattan Associates Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Our warehouse management system manages the end-to-end life cycle of customer orders regardless of channel and passes the savings onto our customers. Manhattan Associates is the #1 ranked AI and machine-learning WMS technology design to optimize efficiency. Its advanced features allow for:

Labor Management System (LMS)

This proprietary system is fully integrated with our Billing Management System (BMS). Additionally, it functions as a labor management system for accurate timekeeping. This allows us to provide the most accurate reporting possible.

Benefits Of Working With Us

International Shipping

Our eCommerce fulfillment services provide customers with cost-effective multi-channel fulfillment across all sales channels. This reduces redundant costs on inventory, buildings, people, and systems. Here’s why partnering with us is a smart decision:

  • Our best-in-class technology makes life easier for your customer service reps due to higher client satisfaction and fewer customer service inquiries.
  • Our inventory management capabilities reduce the amount of cash tied up in inventory and increases your inventory turn rates.
  • Our real-time, accurate reports help you make faster, well-informed decisions.
  • Our 3PL fulfillment technology facilitates automated order fulfilment and automated return processing for your convenience.

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