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We Work Hard. Our Technology Works Smarter.

Jay Group is committed to investing in our technology to ensure we offer the best fulfillment results possible for our clients. By integrating technology, we can execute your fulfillment process accurately from start to finish in a manner that’s compliant with regulations and efficient for your business.

Our technology integrates seamlessly with your business platform to make sure you have a smooth flow of operations, from start to finish. This includes everything from orders to supply chain management to business forecasting.

Fulfillment Technologies That Get You Ahead

You have expectations for your company’s fulfillment process. We’re here to deliver those results.

Jay Group provides on-time shipping and inventory accuracy rates of 99.9%. That’s the power of combining hard work with the best fulfillment technologies to create your custom fulfillment process.


Our Warehouse Management System

Jay Group uses the latest warehouse management system (WMS) technology from Manhattan Associates to provide you with the best possible fulfillment results. It’s what allows us to ship products on time and maintain high inventory accuracy rates. 

Plus, this WMS technology allows us to scale up fulfillment and adapt to the demands of your business. That way, when your business grows, we can easily keep up. Some of the key benefits our WMS offers are:

    • Labor management to gamify and increase productivity
    • Slotting optimization to maximize and shorten the fulfillment process
    • Order streaming to manage product effectively
    • Unified control to see and make changes in every step of the process


Our WMS is also capable of creating an integrated order management system (OMS) with whatever OMS your business relies on. That way Jay Group can support the management of the complete, end-to-end life cycle of customer orders. Our technology gives us flexibility as well, so we can help you fulfill your orders across various channels such as call centers, e-commerce stores, distribution centers, brick and mortar locations, or resellers.

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Make Confident Decisions With Business Intelligence

Do you still feel like you do a lot of guesswork to figure out the next steps for your business? We can help alleviate that with concrete data collected from our technology. 

Jay Group uses the Qlik Sense Business Intelligence (BI) interface, a data-driven Decision Support Systems (DSS), to give you a flexible and interactive way to visualize your business’ complex data in real-time.

The benefits of business intelligence technology are:

  • Customized, real-time views of key metrics that matter for your business
  • Actionable insights (including order profiles, market basket analysis, inventory details, & parcel shipment status)
  • Improved planning tools with trend and forecast reporting capabilities

We want to empower you to make better business decisions based on your fulfillment data and that starts with giving you the right tools.


Improving Performance, One Task At A Time

When you partner with Jay Group, you benefit most from the fulfillment technologies we’ve invested in. We can adapt to fulfillment changes in real-time and provide you with the critical data you need to scale your business. Fulfillment technology is about more than just getting the delivery logistics right — it’s about setting up your company for success, both today and tomorrow.

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