Refurbishment / Remanufacturing

The Jay Group will assist with your refurbishment and re-manufacturing needs by leveraging our best-in-class capabilities, systems, facilities, and expertise to save you time, money and reduce complexity to your supply chain.

The Jay Group coordinates the receipt of returns directly from your retailers, distributors, or consumers and can either follow established guidelines for the refurbishment and re-manufacturing of your product or create new guidelines to support your business plan.

Advantages of Outsourcing

Advantages of Outsourcing
  • You can focus your energies and talents on your core business.
  • Utilize more of your space for manufacturing and supporting logistics.
  • Full support to flex with the seasonality of your business needs.
  • Attention to detail.

Benefits of Partnering with The Jay Group

Attention to Detail

The Jay Group will write specific standard operating procedures (SOPs) to document the process flows necessary to refurbish or re-manufacture your products to your exact specifications.

You Get To Do What You Do Best

You are free to focus on the design, manufacture, quality control, marketing and sales of your product. Let The Jay Group provide the sophisticated logistics and services necessary to consistently and accurately refurbish or re-manufacture your product.

Full Support to Flex with the Seasonality of Your Business Needs

The Jay Group will schedule the use our facilities, systems, equipment, and manpower to adapt to the seasonality of your specific business requirements.

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