Reverse Logistics Services & Online Returns Management

The Importance of Reverse Logistics for Your Business

Returns are inevitable, it is just part of doing business. In a competitive online marketplace, it has become increasingly important to handle returns like a pro. Managing returns is complicated but it is not impossible. Jay Group is experienced in processing refurbishment and re-manufacturing returns directly from retailers, distributors, and consumers. In support of its clients, Jay Group’s service supply chain team can create custom refurbishment and re-manufacturing processes or review established guidelines for opportunities to increase efficiency and reduce costs.


Managing returns in reverse logistics: We simplify the process

Returns processing, reverse logistics, refurbishment, repair, and re-manufacturing services:



The Jay Group Reverse Logistics Lancaster, PA

Both Companies and their Customers Benefit from Reverse Logistics:

Outsourcing reverse logistics including returns processing, refurbishment, repair, and re-manufacturing services help manufacturers, technology users, service providers, retailers, and logistics professionals reduce operating costs and eliminate high levels of waste by extending the useful life of products.


Companies that offer reverse logistics programs help customers maximize the built-in value of their equipment by:

  • Ensuring maximum productivity and performance
  • Increasing reliability and equipment uptime
  • Ensuring cost-effective performance
  • Providing a like-new warranty
  • Increasing the customer’s return on their investment
  • Providing the customer with a variety of repair options to meet their service needs
  • Providing the customer with a higher resale value
  • Providing the lowest total owning and operating life cycle costs

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Benefits of Partnering with Jay Group

Increased Product Value

Refurbishment, repair, and re-manufacturing services maximizes built-in value of equipment

Reduce Costs

Outsourcing reverse logistic services allows for scalability based on seasonality of business needs.

Decrease Waste

Reduce your company’s environmental impact with Green Logistics Programs

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Our Clients Include Top Brands

The Jay Group is proud to provide custom omnichannel distribution, ecommerce order fulfillment, subscription logistics, contract packaging, and reverse logistics solutions to support top brands.

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