Reverse Logistics

With returns processing, companies often are faced with several critical decisions—decisions that could be costly to the bottom line. Managing potentially thousands of vendors and hundreds of thousands of returns, companies are challenged to optimize recovery and allocating space for inventory.

The Jay Group knows the ins and outs of reverse logistics, provides streamlined services and custom solutions, all while generating maximum recovery for our clients. The custom returns processing division at The Jay Group manages reverse logistics including receiving, refunding the consumer, recalls, inspection, re-tagging or labeling, electronic component testing, parts harvesting, recycling, and repair or refurbishment.

The custom returns processing division at The Jay Group includes:

The custom returns processing division at The Jay Group includes:
  • Return Center Operations- a central location for the management of returns for our clients.
  • Return to Vendor Management- a dedicated location where the flow of returns is then processed back to a vendor.
  • Recall Management- this area focuses on the management of returns due to a product defect or recall.
  • Test, Repair, and Refurbishment- the receipt of returns and customer credits can be just the beginning. We also offer our clients the option to test, repair, or refurbish product, drastically reducing costs and providing the option to resell.
  • Product Recycling & Harvesting- for units that can not be refurbished, The Jay Group provides product recycling and parts harvesting services.

Benefits of Partnering with The Jay Group

More Time to Focus on your Core Business

Let The Jay Group handle processing returns for restocking, in-warranty, and out-of-warranty returns so you can focus on your core business.


Utilize more of your space for manufacturing and supporting logistics. The Jay Group facilities have the ability to flex with the seasonality of your business trends.

Prompt & Accurate Processing

Have piece of mind that returns are handled properly and documented accurately.

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